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Microshift Acolyte 8 Speed Upgrade Package (4-pack) 11-38T (For small wheels)

Microshift Acolyte 8 Speed Upgrade Package (4-pack) 11-38T (For small wheels)

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This a great 1x upgrade drivetrain package or just an upgrade drivetrain for smaller wheel bikes like 20" and even 24" for your kid bikes or if you just don't want a long cage.  Often kid bikes will come with cheap derailleurs that bounce around and have weak springs.  You used to have to use a medium or long cage derailleur to get a clutch, but sometimes that caused issues as the derailleur would be almost hitting the ground on small wheels.  The super short cage derailleur to the rescue!  

*Please make sure your free hub body can accept an 8 speed or more cassette (if it had a 7 speed cassette originally and didn't have a spacer, than you probably are too short and it won't work).  There are some options but reach out to us for information and suggestions.  If you have a freewheel and not a free hub body, then this will not work (must have a lock ring at the end of the gears)

Groupset includes

- Microsoft Acolyte 8 Speed Derailleur Super Short Cage 38T max capability w/ spring lock retention (clutch)

- Microshift Acolyte 8 Speed Trigger Shifter

- Microshift Acolyte 11-38T Cassette (HG or Shimano compatible).  NOT XD or Microspline

- KMC Z8.1 or Z8.3 (supply depending) 8 speed chain


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