About Us

Biking Roots was founded and started by our family in 2019 with the goal of getting more families on bikes. Biking together as a family has brought us a lot of joy and wonderful memories that we hope our young boys will remember when they are older. Mountain biking allows us to get off the screens, get out in nature, and keep our minds and body’s healthy.

  • Ricardo

    Our newest member, Ricardo brings his love for enduro and xc racing to the shop. He has also been known to hit the air bag on his Alcatraz DJ

  • Alise

    Alise is over our social media on Instagram and Facebook and also helps with shop organization, group rides, and keeping Evan on task

  • Evan

    You see Evan most of the time in the shop and also on Youtube. He does a little of everything to keep the shop running smoothly

  • Tim (2020-2023)

    Tim left us in 2023 to serve his country in the Army

  • Jared (2022-2023)

    Jared left us in 2023 to work for Fox (the head) in Bentonville

  • Andrew (2021-2022)

    Andrew left us in 2022 to work for Transition bikes in Bellingham Washington

  • Scott (2020-2021)

    Scott left us to go back to being a pilot for United (he was helping us out during Covid when flying slowed down)

  • Emily (2020)

    Emily left to go to graduate school at Stanford. She helped us out during the covid boom