Local Trails

Where To Ride In Houston

We live in Houston so this is where we primarily do our riding.  No, we do not have any mountains, unfortunately, but we do have some great trails that really only exist due to many volunteers and especially GHORBA (Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association)!

Many of the trails would never have been built or would be in poor shape if it was not for their constant attention and hard work.  Click here to read more about GHORBA and how you can join the effort. 

Check the list to read about the awesome trails available for you to ride in and around Houston and get out and ride! (When it's not muddy of course :-)  sorry, our trails here get messed up easily.) I have ridden most of them but not all so stay tuned for updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates.  *I recommend downloading “trailforks” from the app store or google play which has most of these trails listed

Houston Area Trails (From North to the South)

Huntsville State Park

  You can camp next to the lake and jump on the trails. Lots of roots, a little elevation and distance for some kids but it is family friendly and remote

Sam Houston National Forest


Many miles of trail that is single track and double track but it is multi use so dirt bikes and horses are allowed.  I do not recommend on a normal bike but a lot of fun on an ebike or fat bike due to the sand and conditions

Carl Barton

  Some easy family friendly trails around the park.  Not much distance from what I remember but if you live in the area, go check it out.

Double Lake

  A fun trail with camping available as well.  Family friendly and a beautiful forest single track ride

George Mitchell Preserve/Flintridge/SCNT


Lots of miles of trail right in the Woodlands.  Lots of different start options depending which park you want to start at.  Single track and double track.  If you have the legs you could ride from Burroughs Park all the way to Pruitt Road north of Exxon campus.  Family friendly trails

Lake Houston Wilderness Park


Not a well known trail but fun nonetheless if you are in that area.  Good for families and kids for part of it.  Trails not super well maintained but potential for some good miles if you want to explore.

Spring Creek Greenway (paved)


Great ride if the trails are wet or you are just getting back into cycling or introducing your family to cycling and don’t want to have to deal with cars.  You can ride from I-45 all the way to Humble/59 if you want and now the newly opened section just West of Exxon Campus all the way to Rothwood Park.  



Nice trail that doesn’t have a ton of miles but one of our favorite family and kid trails.  It has kid friendly singletracks, some jumps, and paved trail if needed or short on time back to the car.  



The 1st trail I rode when we moved to Houston in ‘08.  It’s changed a lot over the years but still one of my favorites.  Good variety of singletrack, a few features and jumps and a fun ride at night.  Kid friendly for most of it.

Cypress Creek (CCMTB)


One of the most popular Houston area trails.  Lot of features, jumps, hidden jumping areas.  A bit confusing to find out where to go but lots of areas to explore.  I don’t recommend for beginners or kids however until you get some experience on the easier trails.  


  Newish trails that are popular and mainly designed for the residents of Bridgeland.  Good amount of area with an active community that builds and maintains, good support from the builder and they are expanding to the West side of 99

Jim and JoAnn Fonteno Park


New trail on the East belt that has a fun skills area and some fun single track.  More being built so join their facebook group for upcoming details and trail work parties


  Another popular trail that features a variety of single track and is well known for its jump section right in the heart of west Houston area.  

Memorial Park


Fun trail right in the heart of memorial.  Lots of roots and a bit confusing to navigate but still fun.  Lots of other trail users so watch out for hikers especially on  the weekends.  


  Haven’t had a chance to investigate this trail.  Doesn’t appear to be too long but if you’re in the area or know the trail, let us know!


  Haven’t ridden here either but looks promising and fun.  



Great and popular trail system that is built and maintained by their own trail organization.  Lots for everyone from beginner trails to more advanced features and jumps

 Brazos Bend State Park

  Calm easy paths in the state park.  Just keep your eye out for gators!

Jack Brooks

  If you survive the ginormous Banana Spiders here, you’ll be rewarded as a “spider rider”.  No joke, I’ve ridden this trail once and the spiders basically won and forced me to abandon my ride.  From what I’ve heard, lots of fun features and trail.

Check List to riding in Houston:

  1. Join and contribute to GHORBA
  2. Make MTB friends! Join the Facebook trail pages for trail status and conversation (links in trail pages below)
  3. Download the TrailForks app to find out where to go (iOS, Android) Mtbproject is another app that is pretty good too
  4. Follow me on YouTube as we ride and review all the Houston and Texas trails!

Cleary Hedgehog 16” in Huntsville MTB Trail
Trail Etiquette

Some of you may be new to this sport or may have been out of it for a while.  Many of these are general tips but they can change depending on where you are riding.  Do your best to follow for the best experience for yourself and others!

Trail Etiquette:

  1. Don't ride when the trails are muddy and closed - it stinks to have to wait but due to our soil mixture it is terrible on the trails and messes up what others have spent many hours building and improving. Consider paved trails or Rock Star Energy Bike Park for pump tracks. 
  2. Be friendly and respectful to other riders and trail users - most in this community are super friendly.  We share the trails with hikers and on some trails, horses and motos.  Don't assume you have the right away and instead just give them the right of way. Be especially careful around horses and get off your bike so they can pass.
  3. Slow down - don't be that guy that is chasing a Strava PR and mows down a kid or beginner out on the trail.  Ride with control and without ear buds.
  4. Call out before blind corners and jumps - I know you may feel dumb, but because I didn't, I've almost had a head on collision with someone. Bells can help with this but don't overdo it. 
  5. Respect nature - Goes without saying but pick up after yourself and help keep our trails beautiful. 

I'm sure I'm missing something so if you have any tips, let me know!