Health and Fitness

Biking is a great option to improve your overall health - both mentally and physically. We also know that improving your fitness level can make you faster, increase your stamina and make you more agile on your bike. So how is it done? 

If you are looking for programs OFF the bike that can make you better ON the bike then look no further. We'll be sharing our own personal experiences with these programs and give you honest feedback on what has worked for us. 

We recently purchased two MYX Bikes (one for the shop and one for our home) because they are such an incredible and affordable at home gym option. You get a commercial grade bike with a huge swivel screen and heartrate monitor. You get live classes as well as recorded programs so there is always something new and exciting to try. They include nutrition programs that are crucial to getting you in the best shape of your life. 

 Myx bike beach body

Why get a stationary bike? 

Well, honestly, not just any bike will do. Remember the "fan resistance" ones from back in the day? Or the ones that are so rickety that your whole bike shakes when you stand up on the pedals? Yes, not the experience you want and likely you'll be throwing your money away. The MYX Bike is super sturdy and can support up to 










We believe in these programs so much that we became coaches to be able to share what we've learned with all of you! But first, some frequently asked questions:

* How long did if take for you to lose the weight? Alise - It took a little over a year to be where I am. I set small goals and once I reached them, then moved on to the next one. In total I've loss over 35 pounds and gained muscle and strength I never thought possible.

* Do I have to drink/take supplements? Supplements are not required but please understand that they do have a purpose. They are meant to aid you in your health journey and do a really good job of it, but the eating program we follow has lots of ideas if supplements are not your thing. 

* Do you like how the shakes/products taste? Haha, yes, we really do. Our favorites are recovery and hydration drinks and the protein bars are delicious! Everything is made from the best ingredients so we feel confident about what we're putting in our bodies.